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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Google Awards Young Scientists

Nice to see Google acknowledgement of young scientists. Unfortunately, any geek, science or computer, is usually unrecognized until his/her product actually makes it to the market. That is why they need all the reinforcement possible. After all we need to remember that we will probably end up working for one of them, if we already don’t.

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LinkedIn Resume – Money Money Money

A bit of information how LinkedIn makes $$$ from your profile/resume…lots of money. Should we consider what do we put there? Well, definitely you should have a profile, potential employers are looking in there and paying a lot of money for it.
Putting your resume on LinkedIn is good for you and your career development after all!
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50% of World Spam in Trash!

Good news for your inbox! Taking down the Grum. Looks like they might get rid of Cheap Viagra, etc. SPAM.
“One last final blow and I think we can make a rapid and permanent decline in worldwide spam” source says.
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Who is Marissa Mayer?

Who is Marissa Mayer? a bit of an info for Yahoo new CEO.

(CNN) “– Marissa Mayer, who was Google’s first female engineer and its 20th employee when she joined that company in 1999, has been named CEO of Yahoo.

She’s the fifth CEO in as many years at that struggling company. Monday’s announcement has caused ripples in the world of technology as people expressed surprise that Mayer would leave Google and that Yahoo has landed such a charismatic leader.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the most interesting and water-cooler-worthy facts about the 37-year-old. (We know what you’re thinking. And yes — an 11-point list can successfully illuminate decades of a person’s personal and professional life. Of course it can.)”

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